Romulan T’Varo-class Bird of Prey (22nd Century)


This is an Enterprise-era Romulan Bird of Prey for use in the fan film Star Trek: Horizon. In Star Trek: Online, this design is still in service in the 25th Century as the T’Varo-class light warbird, which is the name I’ve been using to identify it. I’m modeling it — as always — in Blender and will pass it along to Horizon’s creator Tommy for use in 3ds Max once finished. My goal is to build it efficiently and relatively quickly, so as to not be a bottleneck in his VFX pipeline.

This project is COMPLETE.

This is a meta-post that collates all of the individual blog posts I make on this topic. If you prefer, you can also follow this project’s progress on SciFi-Meshes and Foundation 3D. The posts are in ascending order, with the first post at the top and the last post containing the most recent updates.

  1. Romulans on the Horizon! (2014-02-23)
  2. Their power may be simple impulse, but they still have warp drive! (2014-02-23)
  3. Powering up the nacelles (2014-02-25)
  4. Freeze! (2014-02-28)
  5. Etching away (2014-03-03)
  6. She’s got teeth! (2014-03-06)
  7. Impaneled (2014-03-12)
  8. The Belly of the Beast (2014-03-23)
  9. Wrapped in a Cloak of Blue-Green (2014-07-13)
  10. Dirt, panels, and a posterior (2014-07-17)
  11. A Bird of Prey (2014-07-21)
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