The articles here reflect the opinions of their author–me. If you disagree with any article’s content, that’s what comments are for and I encourage discussion. Bear in mind that if you’re a jerk, you may invite some administrative wrath.

When it comes to comments, I love a lively debate. However, dishonest debate tactics will be treated with the same vitriol as any other form of dishonesty. This may range from administrative post-editing (highlighted in very bright colors) to outright comment deletion. Don’t lie, don’t be a jerk, and be open-minded. I am more than happy to have people comment that have opinions in complete opposition to my own. I am not happy to have sewage spewed across my website. Go somewhere else for that.

I currently screen all comments that get posted for anti-spam purposes. Most of the obvious spam gets caught by plugins, but every comment that isn’t filtered goes through me. If I’m not sure whether your comment is spam or not, I generally err on the side of caution. If this catches a legitimate comment, feel free to contact me and let me know. Take note: I use spelling and grammar as metrics for evaluating spam comments. To lower the likelihood of your commend being rejected as such, type like a coherent human being!

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