Ashes of Alour-Tan


Ashes of Alour-Tan

Finton saw the destruction of his village, watched the murder of his loved ones, and felt the cold embrace of death itself–heralding the beginning of a new life far more bizarre than he could have imagined.

Revived by the mysterious Work of Alour-Tan, Finton finds himself carrying knowledge of immense value in an unfamiliar world that regards him as an abominable creature of evil. As he comes to grips with his situation, he befriends a cannon-wielding elf scout and a philosophical ogre linguist on a journey to the mythical dragon city of Olkelban, where a centuries-old feud threatens to escalate into open warfare and plunge the entire region into chaos.

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  1. Hi Ryan! How have you been? Do you remember at least my name? I’m a French teacher at NMHS. I’m not even sure how I got to know you….must have been in a study hall because I don’t believe you took French. You know, just this past summer, I took my VHS copy of WEC: The Movie and put it on DVD…saving the autographed label that you made for me…. You see, I knew you’d be famous some day and now you’re really working on it… Anyway…I ran into your mom at the hairdresser a few months ago, and she told me about your book….which I immediately ordered. I REALLY enjoyed it and plan on choosing it as my summer reading book for NMHS students. I’m hoping that you might be willing to arrange your schedule and either come back to NMHS on our summer reading day (sometime mid-Sept), or that you’d be able to SKYPE or Facetime, or something else with the students who choose to read your book. I’m afraid I’ve got to run…It’s year number 30 and I’m still doing the “teaching thing”…I hope all is well. Barb Polley


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