When I started modeling in 1998, there were few resources available to the spaceship enthusiast that explained in any detail how to achieve many of the astonishing visuals that the cutting-edge hobbyists achieved. Fast-forward 15 years and I'm delighted to say that that has largely changed. There are now many resources across the web that provide superb instruction to novice and experienced CG enthusiasts alike and, as a result, the quality bar has steadily risen. Now, hobbyists and professionals are largely differentiated by the power of their rendering hardware, rather than by the tools to which they have access or the skill level they can obtain.

Even so, there still aren't any "one stop shopping" compendia that explain the ins and outs of taking a starship of Star Trek, Star Wars, or other popular science fiction setting all the way from concept to completion. I want to try to change that. If nothing else, this little brain dump repository is for my own self-reference, lest I go long enough without using one of the techniques explained here that I need to refresh myself! It is my hope, though, that many will benefit from the words and images here.

The tutorials on this site all related directly or indirectly to creating high-fidelity digital spaceship models, of suitable detail level for cinematic work. The principles here may also be of benefit to those pursuing other endeavors, such as games, but that is not the focus of the site. Further, the tutorials are written from the perspective of a Blender user. Every 3D content creation suite has similar tools, with only slight differences in nomenclature and settings, so don't let that deter you if you use 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, or another program entirely. The information here will help you, too! It may simply require some translation. The nav links above are roughly ordered by process. The first guide in the first row is generally an earlier part of the creation process than the second link in the first row, and so on.

While I encourage you to link to this site, please don't hotlink the images contained herein. I'd also prefer it if you didn't copy/reproduce the site elsewhere. These are requests rather than rules, in the hope that we can all abide by the honor system here.

Thank you for visiting!