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Welcome to the Kindred Embrace wiki.

What's New?

People, Places, Things

  • Characters provides access to information about the central player characters, as well as supporting characters.
  • Places that figure prominently into the Chronicle.
  • Kindred Society gives a quick run-down of the myriad facets of Kindred society and serves as a primer for newly-embraced Neonates.
  • Virtues & Vices are a major component to a character's personality. While they are a game mechanic, they are too central to role-playing to not have them be a transparent part of the process.
  • The Chronicle is the ongoing story of the coterie. The Timeline depicts where in the story we are.
  • The Quote Wall has humorous or otherwise noteworthy excerpts from various chapters.

Game Information

  • The original announcement pitch explains the premise behind the game.
  • The World of Darkness provides an overview of the game's setting.
  • Rules that drive the game.
  • Opening Credits: If this game were a TV series, its "opening credits" might look something like this. The sequence draws clips from both Angel and Kindred: The Embraced, with Apocalyptica's Hope as the theme music.
    You will require the open source XviD video codec and the open source LAME-MP3 audio codec to view/hear this file. VLC will probably play it by default, with no installation necessary.
    • Season One Right-Click, Save As
      2008.03 - 2008.05
    • Season Two Coming soon!
      2009.07 -
  • Inspiration lists a number of existing media sources one might use to better understand the intended mood and feel of the game.
  • Immersion is a key element to this game. Here's a list of things players should know.

Useful Links

Let each night, each note, stand out in the greater body of the Requiem your life has become.
-Charlotte Gaudibert, "Aequitas Fatalis"

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